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I like to read technical things these days, its beyond me why I do. BF3 and gaming isnt interesting anymore.

In any case, its boring stuff, but for those that are interested this thread will be updated from time to time. *I dont just copy and past things, only the ones I find useful and unique from the common understanding.

(help you to snooze too, they are that good).

Tho not directly related to our car in particular, and maybe out of date, but the principles behind them can be priceless.

Bore/stroke ratio:


Ignition & Timing:

Stealth 316 - 3S Ignition System (DOHC)


http://www.jdmsci.com/DynoTuningTunersFalsePractice.html (do take this with a grain of salt, makes sense but not all of it)

continually updated.
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