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I'm using some of AIO tweaks and they are great.
It inspired me to think if it would be possible to add speedcams as you drive when you see them and started to work on a solution.
And there it is!
Recently I've developed TravelPal, a free App that presents travel data AND lets create custom Speed cameras on the fly and select speed limit. App will provide alert when you pass them again.
It works even if there's no Navi SD card. App uses well known list speedcam.txt if it exists or creates it's own. Redundant speedcams can be removed from the list.
The App works very well on my 2015 Mazda 6 with FW 56.00.100 EU.
It uses EU/US units and can be adapted to any local language by adding translation to lang file.
It would be great if anyone could try it on other cars in Europe and US.
App uses pure javascript and shell script to transfer data through websocket.
All necessary files to install and also some screenshots can be found on my github/pitrock2000, link:
GitHub - pitrock2000/TravelPal: Travel Info and User Speedcams for Mazda Infotainment System

Thanks to All who created original tweaks.
Please let me know your thoughts or questions.
I really despise the layout of Github. Sometimes the uploader on GH provides a direct link to download all the files via one single file, other times you have download each file individually and hope you downloaded them all.

What caught my attention is you mentioned you're using of the AIO tweaks? I'm just looking for a few tweaks that will enable Wi-Fi, but more importantly, disable the restriction for navigation where you must be stationary to manually enter a location.

If there's an AIO file that I can download that's essentially like a Windows .bat file where you just select it and it will do the rest. Please let me know. There's too many opportunities for errors doing it another way, especially for an old guy like me.
One thing bothers me at this offer... for this official AA/CP you need to install any FW 70 or higher. But if you have FW 31 - 56.00.100 NA Mazda officially recommends to install 70.00.100 first, before updating to a higher version (like 70.00.367 or 74.00.230). And this they do not tell you in their offer. So I would check which version I have installed. If it is between 31.00.100 - 56.00.100 I would install 70.00.100 first, before updating to a higher version, which maybe is on their offered usb stick. Just saying, that you can avoid problems with or even bricking your CMU.
And if you have a version installed below 31.00.100 then update to that one first.
Is there anywhere here on the site that has version 70.00.100? I think the dealer wants around $50 to install the update.
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