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The Infotainment Project

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So, the Infotainment system is great, but it has me thinking how much greater it could be. There's so much potential wasted right now, and I would like to untap some of that.

The original post: http://mazda3revolution.com/forums/...-infotainment-system-software-components.html.
This got me thinking. This is obviously a linux-based OS running on an ARM chip. This was seen on this post as well: http://mazda3revolution.com/forums/...-accessing-infotainment-diagnostics-menu.html

I'm a software engineer, but don't have any experience dealing with low-level linux based systems. I would love to be able to either install custom, modified linux operating systems in the car or just be able to alter parts of the system to enable hidden or disabled parts of the system.

For instance, every european market has the ability to buy connected services (live traffic, weather, etc), and the Japanese market even can play DVD's and watch live TV!

This may at least give us the ability to upgrade our own systems without visiting the dealer, or use other applications through our phones such as Waze.

What I think may help here is getting the update code dump. This would be solved easiest if someone knows a dealer that can get the update software on a USB stick. If someone could upload that somewhere, we could then start analyzing the update procedure and the software and hopefully fine some way to hijack onto that process.
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Hi, my name is Tom I'm from Germany and a Mazda6 Atenza Driver.
I'm excited about the possibilities to hack the MZD. I've applied almost all hacks on my MZD. I really like to play around with the Trookams/anderml1955s Speedometer and ForeverYoungs Date-to-statusbar hack.

So here is what I've done in the last weeks.

New Buttons for all "apps" in MZD look:

(Click to zoom in)

The Date and Icons are permanently visible over the clock, also if a system message appears

Speedometer mods based on Trookams:
- added unit under speedometer for mph or km/h
- enable speed display until 240 km/h for Germany
- optimized needle image and rotate angle for each speed in CSS
- complete new speedometer image with different layout for steps 5,10,20
- rotating compass added in the speedometer image
- html and css cleanup
- some more layout tuning (e.g. text shadow)

If someone likes it and wants to use it for a non German MZD, I can prepare a USB Installer with settings for mph and so one.

It will be also possible to rescale the speedometer to max 140 mph. But in this case, I have to change all rotate angles for the needle in the CSS.
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I'm still testing the rotating compass. But the Installer with km/h, I can provide this week.
@windwalker: Did you try your version in car?
To have your needle indicator on 10 mph it needs the value "speed16" as CSS class. But the class gets the same value as "speedCurrent" in JS and that is mph. So if your Speedometer shows 16 mph as number, the needle is pointing to 10 mph. That is, what the JS says, but maybe I'm wrong.
@windwalker: Now I see you are setting "speedDial" for the indicator with the kph value and after that you're converting it to mph for the numeric output. In my version (v3.2 from Trookam) all gets the same value. But this is easy to change.

Here is the "Date-to-statusbar" download with all persistent above the clock.

I'm still working on the graphics for the final Speedometer, but the end is near. So, please be patient.
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As far as I know, the date format is depending on your localize settings of the car. My modded patch of ForeverYoungs version changes only the size and position of the pre formatted date. Here you'll find ForeverYoungs change-date-format Installer.

Looks great. If you could just post the zip for what you have in kph that would be fine for me. I'm interested in the graphic compass part of the code as I'm not a web coder by any means.
Do you have factory nav and this tweak with the video player enabled? My version has some issue with speech gaps in the factory nav voice when Pandora is playing. I've removed the speed animate function and that helped a lot and when I disable the video player the problem goes away entirely. It may be the video player causing the problem more but I had already adjusted the animation by the time I turned back on the video player.
I will send you the ZIP Download as PM as soon I'm happy with the look & feel.
I have a factory nav and no problems with speech output. Also the speedometer works smooth for the moment the navigation is speaking.
But I'm hearing only DAB radio, mp3 from USB or CD, no streaming over internet.
Here is my English version with km/h and Liters per km:

(Click to zoom in)

Download as USB Installer Speedometer only (Videoplayer is disabled)

In jci/gui/addon-speedometer/addon-speedometer.js line 23 you can set
var isEnglish = true;
Then you'll get mph and MPG, but the analog speedometer will point to the wrong value. Maybe anderml1955 or windwalker can modify the JS and html for a fully mph version.
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Very nice Tom,
Do the rotating compass and heading indicator read-out both work if you have applied the tweak that disables the speed restriction on the touch screen?
Yes, compass is rotating in every case. No matter if you've disabled touch screen lock.
@Makrousek: If you want to keep video player, please edit 2 files in my Installer as anderml1955 wrote here. But in the opposite way.
For those using the Waisky speedometer/video player versions:

1. in "\jci\opera\opera_dir\userjs" edit "addon-startup.js" using an editor set "var enablePlayer = true;" to "var enablePlayer = false;".

2. In "\jci\scripts" edit "stage_wifi.sh" and place a # in front of "watch -n 1 /jci/gui/addon-player/playback-action.sh &" so it is like this "#watch -n 1 /jci/gui/addon-player/playback-action.sh &".

3. Reboot CMU and the player & reboot buttons are no longer there and any impact the video player had is now gone.

You can do this to the install USB files and then just reapply the tweak or SSH into the CMU, mount the file system RW (mount -o rw,remount /) and edit the files directly. Use care when editing them - don't add other characters or spaces, delete any other characters etc. It is advisable to use an editor like Notepad++ and be sure in the Edit menu EOL Conversion is set to UNIX/OSX.
Hi, I've just install Diginix's tweak (kmh version 3.4 without video player), no problem during installation, have the message that succefully installed and need to reboot. Reboot with BACK+NAV+MUTE and ..... nothing in Application. I've tryed 3 times, always the same. I've a CX-5 with lastest european firmware version, cmu150_EU_56.00.230A.
I've already installed other tweaks like new background, warning message timer and there's no problem with them.
Someone already install Diginix's tweak on the same firmware revision ?

PS : sorry bad english, not fluent :p
I am from Germany and have exactly the same version. In the German forums not much had the same issue. In most cases the USB Stick was the problem. Please try a different one. The Tweak itself is working perfect with v55 and above.

On the speedo app is it possible to tone down the resolution of the dial, say to a maximum of 120MPH?
For that, the whole graphic of the dial needs to be redesigned. Also 120 values for each speed have to figure out new. This should be done by a US driver. Unfortunately for me as kph user, there is no benefit.
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Today I had a flash of inspiration to come quickly to a mph version of my speedometer with 120 mph as max.
I need some free time to get a proof of concept. So maybe this week there will be an update.

Also my date-to-statusbar version will get an update. The font size is increased by one and position is 1px downward. This should be better readable on any passenger position.

Is here someone who knows what other values we can get from ECU?
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Hope it helps fix my compass issue of N/S and E/W being flipped around!
Very strange. I've never heard before about this issue. The only thing I know is that the build-in compass is broken if you disable the touch screen restriction. Do you have a navi?
I don't have navigation. Just the infotainment unit.
For me with Navi, my compass works always like a charm.

I've finished my announced 120 mph speedometer version, but didn't test it. The simulation on PC works correct.

Who with mph Tachometer wants to test it?
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It doesn't matter which position the car has for the time of installation. I have no idea what this can be. Maybe your GPS receiver has an isssue. Or in US, the GPS delivers some other values for the heading.
If so, we need a debug version which shows you the heading value as angle.

I don't want any donation because I'm not the author of the tweaks. I have only done mods on still existing code. I'm happy if someone likes my work and I like it to share.

2 of you got a PM with test USB Installer. If the analog mph part is working fine, I can provide the installer for all.
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Release day :clap

Download USB Installer - Date-To-Statusbar v2.1
(nearly invisible changes, date font-size 1px up, and all moved 1px down and to the right)

Download USB Installer - kph speedometer with compass v3.5

(Click to zoom in)

Download USB Installer - mph speedometer with compass v3.5

(Click to zoom in)

Attention: All without Mazda navigation SD card, have to install this fix additional after speedometer installation. This fixes the compass to show the right direction.
Download USB Installer - Compass Fix
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What's the changelog between v3.4 and v3.5 ?
Changelog is always in 2 files (speedometer JS and the install.sh)
In the right table Lat. & Lon. is new and the compass directions (NW,NE,SE,SW) are better placed and font-size is 1px more.

do I need to remove the old version of the speedometer + video app from another developer?
You don't have to uninstall any tweak for an update with newer or other version.

Works really good except for me the compass is inverted, south is north and the other way around. Do I need to edit the positions on addon-speedometer.js? or the order in the HTML file? or in the addon-speedometer.css file? not sure why it's doing this as the compass in the default Nav Works well.
I know now what's the problem with wrong opposite compass direction and quick turning to South if the car stands still. All this happens only if no navi SD card is inserted.
So, we need 2 version of the speedometer with compass. One for all with navi and one for all without.
Maybe it is possible to detected if the navi SD is mounted, but for the most users, there is only one case as default. Two versions are easier to build for me, than the detection of inserted navi SD.

No big issue but annoying.
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Yes, in the installation process it is detectable.
But there are some tricky constellations:
If someone has a NAV SD and pulls it out, just to be save for the installation moment, the installer will think the user has no NAV SD and will installs the wrong file. If the card is back in the slot, the compass will be wrong.

For all who have already installed the speedometer with compass, and haven't really a NAV SD. Here is the fix:
Download USB Installer - Compass Fix

btw: The issue with showing quickly South direction on parking moments, also only exists if no NAV SD is in the slot. This will also be fixed by the installer.
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Hi Gays!
U doing great and awesome work! I like it!
but I have one bug, if select russian language- there is some text overlay with date.. Can you fix it?:nerd: thx a lot
Oh, ok, I see. The russian characters need a little bit more space. I will prepare a fix for you am PM you the download.
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does the latest speedo app support for v51 firmware?

Previously it was working fine when i'm using the Trookam's Version v3.0 speedometer. After upgraded to version 3.2 and above or even the latest Diginix's Version v3.5 the speed needle and current speed is no longer work. It keep display 0 when my car is moving but the compass and GPS speed is running fine.

Does the new method "smdb-read -n vdm_vdt_current_data -e VehicleSpeed > /tmp/root/speedCurrent" causing the problem for V51 firmware?
I don't know any older version than 3.2. So, I can't compare which value was used for the analog part in 3.0. Maybe you are right, and vehicle speed doesn't work with v51 and only GPS speed is supported. In this case you need a firmware update.
Same with French.
Btw @Siutsch if you need help for the french language, feel free to contact me.
This behavior is correct.
Because each language needs its own image and at the moment only the images for US and DE will be overwritten.
Search on your USB Stick the file with name "SafetyText_US_English.png"
And duplicate it twice, with these to names:

Little teaser for speedometer 4.0

(Click to zoom in)

  • small needle for top speed in the analog part
  • animated overlay in statusbar with current GPS speed and heading, available on all MZD screens
    touch it to disappear, touch the clock to reappear
    with start of navigation it will auto appear

planned release not before 8th of Feb
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I someone have a wrong date, today i install the master pack jejeje (thanks for that awsome pack) but the date showed is wrong, i know is getting from my system but how i can change to the correct date. Thanks and Saludos Amigos!!! Jeje
What's wrong? The value or the format?
Second one can be changed. The answer exist many times in this thread...

change date format
Oh, this is interesting! Imho is there no menu for setting the date. I would say it comes over the air (GPS or radio or something similar).
@Diginix can you impliment this? :D
Should be possible if there is a download with code sample.
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