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The Infotainment Project

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So, the Infotainment system is great, but it has me thinking how much greater it could be. There's so much potential wasted right now, and I would like to untap some of that.

The original post: http://mazda3revolution.com/forums/...-infotainment-system-software-components.html.
This got me thinking. This is obviously a linux-based OS running on an ARM chip. This was seen on this post as well: http://mazda3revolution.com/forums/...-accessing-infotainment-diagnostics-menu.html

I'm a software engineer, but don't have any experience dealing with low-level linux based systems. I would love to be able to either install custom, modified linux operating systems in the car or just be able to alter parts of the system to enable hidden or disabled parts of the system.

For instance, every european market has the ability to buy connected services (live traffic, weather, etc), and the Japanese market even can play DVD's and watch live TV!

This may at least give us the ability to upgrade our own systems without visiting the dealer, or use other applications through our phones such as Waze.

What I think may help here is getting the update code dump. This would be solved easiest if someone knows a dealer that can get the update software on a USB stick. If someone could upload that somewhere, we could then start analyzing the update procedure and the software and hopefully fine some way to hijack onto that process.
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this is a redo version of speedometer/video player, and probably no changes would be made in near future. I have replaced the files to its own folder and it's pretty clean now.

== Tested on v55. You should probably skip if your OS version older than v51 ==

what this package contains;

1. speedometer (started off by @serezhka), with following information:
- top speed
- average speed
- current speed
- speed bar
- plot graph (6 minutes drive speed history)

2. video player (started off by @sigma), with following functions:
- generate video list from all connected USB drive
- start playback (by click on the video name in the video list)
- stop playback
- play all option
- repeat option

DO READ information in "video player note" below

3. reboot system
- this feature come together with video player

installation - UPDATED

* if you have installed the earlier version speedometer by @serezhka or mySpeedometer by me, this installation will disable them, no conflict

method 1 - install via ssh

1. download addon-all-fixed.zip
2. unzip and copy all files to your USB root
3. plug it to the USB port
4. ssh into your CMU
5. go to your USB drive folder (e.g. /tmp/mnt/sdb1)
6. run ./install.sh
7. you will see "done" after installation complete, and now reboot

method 2 - auto install upon USB plug in

1. download addon-all-fixed-auto-install-v2.zip
2. unzip and copy all files to your USB root
3. start your CMU
4. plug it to the USB port and wait for about 30 seconds
5. if you see a dialog pop up on your screen, the installation should be completed

the installation will copy both speedometer/video player files into your system, and you have option to enable/disable any one of them (see below)

other than adding new files into the system, what current system files would be changed

changes would be made to the following 4 files, but installation will make backup first before applying the changes
- /jci/sm/sm.conf
- /jci/opera/opera_home/opera.ini
- /jci/scripts/stage_wifi.sh
- /jci/opera/opera_dir/userjs/fps.js (this one only backup, not changes)

question (option & improvement)

Q. I only need speedometer (or video player/reboot), how to disable the other one?
A. the option is at the first 2 lines in /jci/opera/opera_dir/userjs/addon-startup.js

Q. [speedometer] I need mph instead of kph, how to change it?
A. the option is at the first line in /jci/gui/addon-speedometer/addon-speedometer.js

Q. [video player] what type of video file supported?
A. currently the player will only search through all your connected USB drive for *.mp4 files, and generate a video list for you

Q. [video player] can I add more video type other than *.mp4 appear in my video list, e.g. *.mkv,
A. yes, you can modify it at line 68 in /jci/gui/addon-player/playback-action.sh, provided you know bash scripting

Q. [video player] I managed to add more video type file, e.g. *.mkv, can the player play it?
A. should be. if the player doesn't play it and if you know gst-launch command, you can modify it at line 49 in /jci/gui/addon-player/playback-action.sh

Q. [video player] how the "Play All" and "Repeat" works?
A. 3 cases:
- if only "Play All" is checked, play all videos in the list till the end
- if only "Repeat" is checked, repeat your current playing video
- if both "Play All" and "Repeat" are checked, repeat all videos in the list

problem & possible solution

Q. [speedometer] all speed value remain 0 when my car is moving?
A. try reinstall again

Q. [reboot system] when I click on the reboot button, nothing happen?
A. try reinstall again

Q. [video player] when I click on the "Search Videos" button, nothing happen, also the reboot button don't work?
A. try reinstall again

Q. [video player] when I click on the "Search Videos" button, nothing happen, but the reboot button works?
A. unplug and replug your USB drive and click "Search Videos" again. if after 2~3 times still can not, reboot the system

Q. [video player] when I click on one of the videos, nothing happen, and I only see "Preparing..." at the right bottom
A. click "Stop", "Search Videos" and play again. if still can not, try the other video

Q. [video player] only 5 out of 10 videos in my list can play, why?
A. to have the player to play most of the videos you have, from experience the best video codec is h.264/aac or h.264/mp3 at resolution not higher than 480p

* kindly bookmark this post permalink and always refer back here for any problem you may come across. only throw question if you don't find the answer here :smiley:

video player note
this video player, rely on "gst-launch" to play video, and "gst-launch" is a command come with the system. currently there is no menu/button available in the system for you to play video as how you play audio, then this video player been created.

this video player is only to provide you a user-interface to let you play video as easy as how you play audio. it can generate video list, also with playback control button like stop/play all/repeat, but underneath it is the "gst-launch" do the playing and output the video to the screen.

from own experience and many feedback from other users, the "gst-launch" come with the system doesn't seem to be very "stable", not "stable" as in very high chances it refuses to play the video you expected it would play, and reason may vary, most is the error related to memory.

meaning, this video player may not work for you.

(to best interact with the video player, be patient and always allow 2~3 second for the player to response after you click any button)

my note
this is so far the information I could provide. question or possible solution may be added along the time.

- screenshot uploaded
- fixed and re-uploaded full script (fix speedbar no response)
- added auto install for non-ssh user

github url https://github.com/kwwong/mzd-addon

@waisky2 Nice work. Been waiting for this apps. :smile2: Works fine with my car. 2014 Mazda 3 BM a japanese car. see attached picture for the version. Video player is working fine but the speedometer every 2 seconds return to zero and back to current speed. About the icons, how to move them in other place or make them smaller because it blocks the application at the back. Thank you for your good work. More power. :smile2:


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Thank you for your app, @skalsiu88. Tested on Mazda 3 2015 with OS version 51.00.350. It works with my 480, 720 & 1080 mp4 files. However, still could not play my 480 & 720 mkv files. Anyway, great work! :thumbup 1:
How does it work? Don't know how. :frown2:
Just need to follow the steps on @skalsiu88 homepage. Link at Mazda Media Player | Lukasz Skalski | Homepage

@PineZ Thank you it works. I missed the word to create folder Movies in the usb. :smile2:mad:skalsiu88 thanks for your hard work. Finally I've got videoplayer in my car. Thanks to @waisky2 also, both of your videoplayer works. Good job to both of you and to all contributors on this project. More power to you all guys. :smile2:
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Hi All,

What do you think about new GUI project for next Mazda Media Player [1] release? ;)


[1] Mazda Media Player | Lukasz Skalski | Homepage

@skalsiu88 Nice app. Can't wait for the next release of version 2. :smile2: Hope next version video will pause and prioritize the appearance of backcamera. Thanks and more power. :smile2:
Hello guys, Just want to know how to resize the button in the application.
I'm not familiar with the code. Don't know what file to modify the code? :frown2: see attached picture. Thanks in advance. More power to all. :smile2:


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changes to be make in /jci/gui/addon-common/addon-common.css

try 60

#myMainBtnDiv {
transform:translate(-50%, 0%);
#myMainBtnDiv img {
float: left;
width: 60px;
margin-right: 30px;
Thank you Sir @waisky2 for the quick response. I'll try it tomorrow. I know it will definitely works. Thanks again. :smile2:
This is an update to my changes to the Speedometer/Video/Reboot app created by @waisky2.

Refer to the original version (with temperatures that did not report accurately) and the updated version that displayed trip fuel consumption (with Km/L metric units that should have been L/100Km) in place of temperatures for background details.

This version changes the metric fuel consumption to L/100Km. It also adds a way to log the data to a temporary file that can be collected by the attached "PullData" script. If you want to enable this logging function use an editor like Notepad++ to read the notes in the script "stage_wifi.sh" and make the required change.

Please read the two previous version notes linked above regarding firmware warnings, USB issues, operation, etc. It has been observed that for those that have the navigation SD card option that the navigation speech is broken up when Pandora is used as an audio source and this app is installed. I don't have an answer to this issue except either uninstall the app or not use Pandora when navigation directions are critical to you.

Attached also is a USB uninstall script for this app. It removes most all of the original app except for a few items that are not removed/changed that @waisky2 used. I am not that conversant in Linux to chance reverting those items and I have not seen any issues with leaving them.

This update can be installed over my other versions if you have installed them. Please note that this has only been tested and used on V55.00.750/753A North America by me. Again please read previous posts linked above regarding warnings.

Just want to inform and thank you for your hard work, likewise to all contributors in this project. Your version works fine with my cmu ver. Video works fine. I'm using 2 usb with lot of videos. Usb 1 with 8gb and 2nd is 32gb. Inserted both and can read both movies in it. No problem playing the videos.
Speedometer works fine too but its late 3km from the actual speedometer. But its ok. Fuel efficiency works with mine km/L. It shows the same on my fuel efficiency in the application. That's all. Thank you again to all of your hard work. ??
Thanks Mark, appreciate it.

Hope it helps fix my compass issue of N/S and E/W being flipped around!
Try to remove your navi sd card when using the speedometer. When my sd is inserted gps fluctuated. Hope it helps. ?
Can't wait for the release of video player version 2 and speedometer. :smile2:
Hello guys I have seen mazda connectt in Japan they had what it called i-DM.

MAZDA CONNECT????i-DM???????????????????????????Blog????_?Minkara - The Car & Automobile SNS (Blog - Parts - Maintenance - Mileage)

Is there any possibilties that we can also have apps like that too? Because when I have done my project to install Custom Infotainment Colors, and in the folder of it contains many images and logos to update the new infotainment colors and what I found was "idm folder".

Thank you so much.
Mine is a japanese car. I have that application but I don't use it. ?
So its about the i-eloop system then...

Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
No, it's an application on how you drive. Like for example how you handle your wheel during curve, sudden break and how you accelerate. Then when you stop your engine your grade will appear if you are a good driver or not. :smile2:
No, it's an application on how you drive. Like for example how you handle your wheel during curve, sudden break and how you accelerate. Then when you stop your engine your grade will appear if you are a good driver or not.
Nice... i wonder how we can get them to activate on other countries outside japan?

Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
I'm sorry don't know how to activate it in other country. It's built-in application here in japan. Maybe someone can activate that in other country. But I think its possible because when I changed the language of my CMU the message turn into english even though there is no change language on the model here in japan. I just SSH it one by one.
And by the way in this application you choose the driver name. It appears when you start your engine saying hello "your name" enjoy driving.


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Did you have a backup of your jci folder?
This apps seem to have access to steering position?

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I think I have a backup. Yes I think it access steering position. And when i suddenly accelerate or break the lights on the dashboard near the speedometer turns white meaning no good.
Wow the cmu has access to steering position? In mazda 3 too?
I think so. I don't have my car right now. I will post more info about iDM when I get my car. :smile2:
Finally it's done - Mission accomplished! :nerd:

At the moment in testing stage. If all works fine on other MZDs than mine, I will release soon.

Many thanks to Herko_ter_Horst for the base and waisky2 for the help with websocket and video player v2.
Hi, thanks for your work. I installed your Speedo-Compass-Video_Tweak_v3.7 from AIO app. Speedo- compass works well. But video player does not work as it should. Sometimes, videos sound is broken and return immediately. It happens constantly during video playing. Could you help me?
Just installed speedo combo by @Siutsch AIO ver. 1.42. Both application works great. Ive been using waisky2 video player ever since without any problem but version2 is much stable and load video faster. Thanks @Diginix for your hardwork likewise to @Siutsch,@waisky2 and to all developers. You made our infotainment unique.

P.S. Hope to release soon the next version in the native apps. Thanks :smile2:


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I'm sorry don't know how to activate it in other country. It's built-in application here in japan. Maybe someone can activate that in other country. But I think its possible because when I changed the language of my CMU the message turn into english even though there is no change language on the model here in japan. I just SSH it one by one.
And by the way in this application you choose the driver name. It appears when you start your engine saying hello "your name" enjoy driving.

idm is without function in EU version, i think some hardware is needed
driver-name coud be enabled but i did not recognize any welcome message
Just got my car back.
Attached picture shows the welcome message during the 1st time you start your car in a day.

And also it's so difficult to step up stage 3. Just a simple mistake by pressing the accelerator or brake 2x you will failed. Passing score for stage 2 base on my research is 4.8 for 5 consecutive. :frown2:


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Voww awesome. How did you get the I-DM thing on your car? I own a Mazda 6 North America. :nerd:
It's a built in apps here in japan. Don't know if it's available in other country.:frown2:
Hmmm... So now I'm wondering if I can get the JDM firmware to work in the US with the US market Nav card...

If only I had time to play in the near future...

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Who knows maybe in the future they will implement this IDM on all mazda. Or anyone of our developers can activate this app. :smile2:
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Hello, I've made some small modifications to the file addon-player.sh on the video player v2 (/jci/gui/addon-player/). With this file it now runs files with white spaces and some special characters. It also searches for *.avi files. I´ve tested It on my car without problems viewing an avi file codec with xdiv and mpeg audio.

I'm testing for making more file types available.

@Siutsch, hope you and some more people help me testing it and updating the video app and the AIO.
Awesome:smile2: I've tested it works great. I've been waiting for this kind of modification. I always play avi files now I can play mp4 too. :smile2: Thank you. Waiting for another modification soon...:smile2:
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Sorry - The videos are 800x480, my mistake. I've also tried the Bluebonnet test video which doesn't work either.
FYI mine can play 1280x720. It's either mp4 or avi format.
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