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I'm the owner of a new Mazda 3, bought in May 2019 (VIN: JMZBP6HE601102482).

I address you an important technical issue of MAZDA 3, which becomes extremely
stressful for me.

The problem consist in the impossibility to start the engine after a time when the car is stopped and the engine turned off. In 5 months it happens for 4 times, I resume bellow the main key aspects:

- First time: - at a Car Wash. The process took approx. 30-40 minutes. During this, the car was not locked with the remote control. This mainly due to the fact that the cleaning was needed and performed also on the inside (a normal issue in fact). After the
above mentioned time, the engine doesn’t start anymore. I tried a couple of times but the
same result. So I was forced to call the Technical Assistance (the car being in the warranty
period). After few questions I was transferred to the MAZDA Technical Office in Vienna, and
the indication was to push successive for 3 times the start button and try again to start in a normal way. And it worked! But an engine malfunction error message has been displayed. So we were advised to go to Authorized MAZDA Car Service, what we did. Presenting the facts, the technicians from Arian Motors mentioned that it could be the battery, but this wasn't confirmed.
According to the technical assistant from Vienna, the car entered in the anti-theft mode (not being locked with the remote). This could be an explanation, but unreasonable to be activated so quick and not be possible for the next times when the problem has been repeated.

  • Second time: The car was in the parking place. During approx. 15 minutes we loaded a few things in the car. It happened the same, the engine doesn’t start anymore. Again….contact the technical assistance…..basically the same indications. Push 3 times successively on start contact and the engine starts. And ….the same error on the display. Again MAZDA Car Service, again reset of the computer and no explanation for this…..!!!!!!!!
  • Third time: The car was parked for about 3 hours after 100 km driving. I cleaned the inside of the car (around 10-15 minutes). I locked the car by the remote. After 1
hour when I was intending to drive back home …..the same issue… the engine doesn’t start
anymore. This time I tried by myself by pushing 3 times the start contact. The engine started. But the same error has been displayed. Please note that this error disappeared by
itself after 2 days (!!!!!!)
- Fourth time. The car was parked for 7 days during the New Year eve.(outside temperature
not less than -4 o C). Coming back from the winter holiday, it hapenned again….the engine did not start.

In 5 months, I had to go to the service 4 times (should have been 5 times, but last time I didn't go any more, because the error disappeared). Besides this issue, I had another engine malfunction and problems with the I-stop function which stopped to work for 2 times).
From my point of view, this is not acceptable for a new car.

Being aware of your professionalism, as a Mazda distributor and the brand awareness, based on I made the decision to buy this car, I am confident that you are able to understand what the problem is and what should be done to solve this issue.

For any other clarification and information I am at your disposal
Waiting for your answer as soon as possible

Best regards,

Elena Rusu
Email [email protected]
Cristian Rusu
Email: [email protected]


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Welcome to the forum.

The forum is comprised of Mazda drivers and owners such as yourself and does not represent the Mazda corporation or any of its dealers. There are many forum members with extensive experience and hopefully they will offer suggestions.

I understand your frustration and would be upset as well. I personally have not heard of similar issues. You should work with the dealer and Mazda for your region and insist that they find a solution or give you a new vehicle.

I am not aware of the consumer protection laws for your country but in my US State, if a buyer brings a car back with the same problem 3 times in the first year, they must buy the vehicle back. If Mazda and the dealer are not able to help, I would investigate the legal options available to you.

Good luck and let us know how it is resolved.
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