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I've been pondering the feasibility of adding an aftermarket tachometer somewhere above the existing gauge cluster in my '14 I Touring 6MT. Sick of the pathetic little tach and wanting a bit more immediate visual representation of engine speed (my Pathfinder and motorcycle spoil me with nice big tachs which are as big as the speedos)

Doing some research, I don't like the idea of a traditional tach that reads from an ignition source, as I don't want to run wires into the engine bay. That leaves using an OBDII breakout to get the CAN-BUS info into usable analogue voltages for a traditional aftermarker gauge, but the breakout box alone is $100 or so, on top of the gauge price. That led me to finding an awesome alternative from a US company who makes custom gauges, Speedhut.

They offer [link to come when post count is higher] this CAN-BUS compatible tach for ~$130 (shipped) which is highly customizable (though looks pretty good in stock form, even somewhat matching the aesthetics of our existing gauges). All the obvious wiring concerns come into play, needing GND, 12v+switched, and 12v+ dash lights, but instead of tying into any ignition you simply wire the provided connector into an OBDII connector, or directly to the port (probably not recommended)

So, add a gauge pod holder (AutoMeter makes one that's 3-3/8") and buy an OBDII pigtail for another ~$35 + ~$10, that brings the whole shebang to ~$175.

Any thoughts or experiences with this brand of gauge? Additionally, does anybody know where an acceptable 12v leads, 12v switched leads, and gauge light leads are within the dash? I'm sure I could find 12v/switched in the fusebox, but am unsure about dash light leads so the gauge would be illuminated only when the dash is illuminated.
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