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Hello Mazda community!

I'd like to integrate a tablet infotainment system to my 2018 Mazda 3 build. I've done research for the past couple of days but still have some questions and would like to see if I can have them answered here.

My current goal is to be able to create a removable tablet system right were the original screen is for the 2018 Mazda 3.

First question: If I buy 2 stereo wiring harness, would it be possible to connect them so I can have the original system running in the background as well as a tablet in front. Would this create issues? So I could remove the tablet to access the controls that I would not be able to get on the tablet? I know it will be possible to control the music and see OBO info but from what I have seen, I don't think its possible to control anything else in the system such as headlight settings, dome light settings, things of that nature.

Send questions: If I connect the tablet to the car via Bluetooth as well, is it possible that I will not need the steering wheel control adapter as well?

So far I know that I need
  • stereo wiring harness for Mazda
  • X Channel AMP ( what is right for a 20l8 mazda 3?)
  • 3.5mm jack to dual RCA adapter
  • a USB-C adapter to get audio and charging at the same time
  • a ground loop noise isolator between the tablet and the Amp
  • an OBO link so I can have SOME car info on the tablet
Looking for all suggestions and ideas. I've seen this done with all different cars on YouTube. But have no idea if it would work with a mazda or if I'd need anything extra to make it possible.

Thanks for the help on advance!
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