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Ok so here's the deal... I have a beautiful 2007 Mazda 3 sedan which I have put quite a bit of money into. The car is rust free and in mint condition but I am itching to get some more performance out of it. Right now using a OBD-II reader and dash command I'm actually sitting around 190hp. Im not sure if this number is totally correct, but I have gapped 200hp+ cars (5 speed manual in such a light car actually launches very quick).

My original plan was to buy a mazdaspeed 3, drive it as a winter beater and slowly swap the parts into my 3 sedan. I know suspension, brakes, interior and exhaust are compatible (some with a few mods). I'm also wondering how compatible the Mazdaspeed 6's parts are. I know the engine is the same but that car is AWD which changes a lot. But, if i could swap all the parts from the 6, and then use a speed 3 transmission would that work? The goal is to have my 3 Sedan fully speed swapped. In my opinion the 3 sedans are the best looking body (not a hatchback fan) and i'd love to have one of the first fully speed swapped sedans.

Thoughts? Advice?

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