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uh I'm gonna dig a pretty old topic if you don't mind ;)
I'm collecting all bits for the swap and got a few questions:

1) is there anyone in the UK who can lend me VXDIAG tool (not for free obviously) ? I don't want to spend £100+ for one project - I'm happy to discuss T&C/deposit etc :)
2) I haven't taken out my IC just yet - waiting for a parcel with trim - but my new IC has HUD already in place and 2 connectors. I've seen @marcu5 has only one and one was blank and HUD was connected with a ribbon tape. I'm not sure what the second connector is doing (IC donor is same year as mine - Mazda 3 2017 Petrol) picture attached
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So far my biggest issue is to get ODO correction tool - looking to borrow one or buy an alternative

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ODO problem solved with Xtool D7 (black Friday yay!) after reading modules with forscan it looks like mileage is saved in more than one place - after odo correction later today I will report is this changed everywhere

Port: COM3, 38400 bps
Type: Standard COM
Adapter: ELM327 v1.5
Min.delay: 11 ms ( Good)
Errors: None

Model: Mazda3/Axela
Engine: PE
Capacity: 2.0L
Generation: 2015 MY
Transmission gear: Automatic
VIN: JMZBN646801517672

TCM - Transmission Control Module
Part number: FZ21-21EM1-G
Calibration level: PS6T-21EM1-C (latest known: PS6T-21EM1-D)
Strategy : PS6T-21PS1-C

PCM - Powertrain Control Module
Part number: PELX-18881-A
Calibration level: PS6T-18881-A (latest known: PS6T-18881-C)
Strategy : PS6T-188K2-A
Hardware type: PELX-188K1-
VIN: JMZBN646801517672
Total Distance: 95114.0 km

OBDII - On Board Diagnostic II
VIN: JMZBN646801517672

CMU - Connectivity Master Unit
Part number: BAAR-669C0-F
Calibration level: BAAR-669C0-F
Strategy : MAZ_CMU-150_74.00.324

ABS - Antilock braking system
Part number: BAAP-437A0-
Calibration level: BAAP-437A0-
Strategy : B45A-437AS-0-08
Total Distance: 95114.0 km

EPB - Electric Parking Brake
Part number: B62W-437E1-
Calibration level: B62W-437E1-
Strategy : GV9S-430K2-H
Calibration: B62W-PARAM-H

RCM - Restraint Control Module
Part number: BRE7-57K30-A
Calibration level: BRE7-57K30-A
Strategy : BRE7-66853-A-52
VIN: JMZBN646801517672

SSU - Start Stop Unit
Part number: GRN5-675S0-A
Calibration level: GRN5-675S0-A
Strategy : GMB6-675S1-A-04

EPS - Electronic-Controlled Power Steering
Part number: BHN1-3210X-A-
Calibration level: BHN1-3210X-A-
Strategy : BHN1-3210X-J-00

F_BCM - Front Body Control Module
Part number: TK52-675X0-C
Calibration level: TK52-675X0-C
Strategy : TK52-675X2-C-00

IC - Instrument Cluster
Part number: BAEL-55430-0
Calibration level: BAEL-55430-0
Strategy : B63E-554K2-A
Total Distance: 95114.0 km

FSC - Forward Sensing Camera
Part number: B61L-67XCX-G
Calibration level: B61L-67XK2-I (latest known: KDD1-67XK2-A)
Strategy : B61L-67XK2-I
VIN: JMZBN646801517672

R_BCM - Rear Body Control Module
Part number: TK52-675Y0-B
Calibration level: TK52-675Y0-B
Strategy : TK52-675Y0-B-01
Total Distance: 95114.0 km

PSM_MZ - Parking Sensor Module
Part number: GMC8-67UU0
Calibration level: GMC8-67UU0

EATC - Electronic Automatic Temperature Control
Part number: B62V-61190-
Calibration level: B62V-61190-
Strategy : J36A_CCH_IPM2300

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Hey can you change the fuel consumption unit on the cluster? Mine is l/100km, I want to change it into km/l since it's more intuitive.
Never seen in my entire life km/L - you can have miles per gallon or L / 100km. take it or leave it ;)

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I got 2016 sp25 cluster in my mazda 3 2014 . Every thing works well but AC stopped and afs Light blinks . Ac works well when i back swap the previous one. Hope to get reliable solution . Thanks
You need to play with AsBuild - make a copy of your original IC then make a copy of new cluster then you need to reprogram your new cluster with ab data from your old one
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