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until now I was only a "reader" in this very useful forum but now I want to write my first post with a quite big problem concerning a subwoofer installation in a 2014 Mazda 3 w/ Bose.

I've installed my sub according to this a useful guide from user eshaz on this forum.

So the signal cable is connect directly to line out from the main unit w/o using a LOC.

The problem is that I get very loud "burst" noise in the sub when I switch off the car and also sometimes during driving. This gives me hell of a scare as the woofer is "plopping" out at full gauge and it feels as the rear window would throw out every moment.

I tried to change the amp - same behavior. Double checked all the cables (power cables are on driver side, signal calbe on passenger side) and solderings if everthing is shielded well.
Ground is not taken from car body but with an extra cable directly connected to negative terminal of the battery.

Can anyone help me out with this?
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