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Stupid question

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this seems like a really dumb question... well has anyone tried starting their ms3 with the key??

for some reason mine wont start/turn at all ?? was wondering if im the only person having this problem or if im just doing something wrong??

help please i feel like an idiot!!:chuck_norris 1:
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if you pull the key out of the fob you have to have the rest of it near the key so the transponder can get the signal.
To start with the key you have to press the clutch in first. The ring around the key slot will start to flash. Then you insert the key, but you do NOT turn the key. Just slide it in. Then you will use the start button as normal. If you need to turn the accessories (radio, lights) put the key in without pushing the clutch in and press the start button.

In case you missed it DO NOT TURN THE KEY!!! It is not designed to turn.

Hope that helps.
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lol ya helps a lot thanks never could figure it out so just stuck to using the push start(which is awesome).
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