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Studded tires Alaska

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Moving to Anchorage Alaska in February time frame with my 2012 M3. I've heard from several people that studded tires are recommended for smaller cars in the ice/snow.

Any recommendations for preparing my car for the harsher winters?
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Hopefully some of our members who live in Alaska can provide you their tire recommendations. And all recommendations would vary depending on whether you are going to coastal Juneau or the inland, extra cold parts of the state.

In general, if you have not changed your battery, would definitely do that before you go, and of course have your anti-freeze readings checked. And when we drove their in winter, learn from our mistake, that carrying tiny cans of lock de-icer inside your car is worthless!. A person parked next to us gently laughed as I told him my story while he was looking at our Oregon plates; he reached into his parka, brought out his de-icer, sprayed our locks, noting he never leaves his house in winter without it in his parka.

Lastly, if you do not get tire recs from our Alaska members, I just headed over to TireRack. They have a category for studded winter tires -- but not too many choices any more.
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