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I've had a good look around and the forums and cant see to find anyone else who has this issue.

Would appreciate any help or ideas.

I have had my BM Mazda 3 SP25 GT for about 2.5 years and the MZD has been fine so far until now.

Typically I connect my iPhone to the car via USB and play music in the car via the USB connection. I do this because IMO the sound quality is a tiny bit better with the wired connection than over Bluetooth.

Recently, plugging in the phone and going into the USB connection menu will makes MZD extremely laggy where pressing next on the steering wheel controls will mean it takes around 10 seconds to change songs. Turning the control knob on the console is also laggy. One click turn of the knob will not register on the street for 5 to 10 seconds.

This behaviour only occurs when I am trying to play music via USB connection. Playing music via Bluetooth is fine and all other parts of the MZD system operate at the same speed with no lag. The lag applies regardless of whether the music is streamed (spotify) or playing tracks saved on the phone itself. Actual playback is fine via wired connection, but it turns the entire part of the interface for USB into a slow and occasionally crashed MZD.

It is as if MZD is mighty confused by the connection and using all its processing power to try and read the wired USB connection.

I have tried using the other USB connection. I have tried a different lightning cable. I have done a hard reset of the MZD and the phone.

Anyone have any ideas? My only thought was that Apple recently started using the Apple File System (AFS) from ios 11 and perhaps the MZD when connected is constantly trying to make sense of the new file system (even when what is being played is streaming over spotify only).

Would appreciate any ideas or thoughts.
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