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Hello, hello. First, I never thought of driving a Mazda but since picking this thing up used (and in perfect condition outside of the usual real Japanese car rust I've become accustomed to). This. Car. Is. So. Awesome. And. So. Fun.

Anyway, to the point.

After doing the timing upgrade, when I turn the heater on, it makes a pretty brutal sounding vibration coming from the same area as the timing advancement. I am wagering I did something to cause this and obviously I'd like to get it fixed.

I also ran some 10G wiring to the passenger side strut tower as part of my stage 1 mods. Figured I'd mention this in case it might help.

Any idea guys? I did notice that little sensor has a crack in the top screw hole and the bottom one was filled with rust until I knocked it out. How do I disconnect this thing to eliminate the rest of the rust or does it even matter if I was still able to slide it down and reattach?

I could really use your help. Thanks, everyone. :)
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