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Warning: Newbie, first car, first M3.

New M3 '10 GS, non-BOSE, picked up a few days ago from the dealer. I found the stock MP3 player works decently OK (FWIW - I found that my inexpensive Sansa Clip+ sounds better and plays many more formats).

Trouble I am having is, how to get the info display to show me which Folder I am in each time I press the "folder up" or "folder down" key? (I know I can use the "DISP" key, but that only seems to work after a song starts playing).

The reason I'd like to be able to browse is that I use one folder per Album, and 7 to 10 albums per CD, and I would like to see and select which album to play.

Alternatively, I am wondering if I put all song files, properly tagged, in a single folder, will this thing allow me to browse the albums in the CD? (I play by album and do not use shuffle).

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