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Stereo Install (Proper thread) Mazda BL SP25 - Aus edition

I'm not going to show how to install Power Cable + wires as girls know this basic knowledge. I'll Be showing everything else on my current setup which i think is perfectly fine & easy to revert to stock providing you buy another set of original tweeter sails.

will start at the standard headunit connections - I bough this from amazon (costly but will save time and wont damage your standard loom if you want to revert back quickly/easily

I chopped Speaker wire behind loom connection to factory loom to join speaker cable from amplifier, i didn't want any signal coming from the amplifier to the back of the HU to cause probably damage. I looked everyone on how to connect this, it was mentioned no where so i chose to do it like this to be 100% sure no damage will be caused to the factory HU
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