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Stealth subwoofer box

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Has anyone found a place that make stealth sub-woofer boxes for the hatchback? I want to add a sub-woofer to my 18' GT.
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If you live in the Southern California area (Los Angeles to San Diego)... Al & Ed's can do it.

I had them take out the Bose system and replace it with Focal speakers, an Alpine PDR-V75 amp that has a 350 RMS watt output for the sub. They will be installing a thin-line 10" Focal stealth sub with a box where the spare tire currently goes, when I'm ready for it.
The Focals sound great. Tons more detail and clarity than the Bose system.

They can also get extremely loud without any distortion, thanks to the improved Alpine amp.
Thank you for cleaning it up arathol. There wasn't much drama, just one user trying to start crap.

Also, I'm not trying to bash the Bose system, I just wanted to share that there are better options out there for people that are interested in finding them. Some people take their audio very seriously and I was hoping to share my attempt at improving things for anyone interested.

The installer at Al & Ed's was also able to keep all of the original controls working properly with the Audiocontrol processor. I can use all of the HUD and steering wheel controls, as before, and the Bose AudioPilot and CenterPoint still work too.

Here are the components that were used to replace the Bose speakers (except the center dash speaker).

-Focal Speakers 6 1/2" 2 way components flax series PS165FX - Dash and front doors.
-Focal Speakers 6 1/2" access 2 way components 165AS - Rear doors and back speakers.
-Alpine Amp 4x100W + 1x350W PDR Series PDR-V75 - Under the driver seat.
-Audiocontrol Loc 8 Ch W aux-in/dash control gray processor LC8I - Under the passenger seat.
-Stinger amp power kit 6000 4 GA w/ in line midi SK6241
-Stinger Interconnect 4000 2ch 6 ft
-Stinger Hush Mat
-Dyna-Mat all doors.
Here are the details on the parts. I think it was worth it. I can't wait to add the sub.
If you power and position it properly it will be heard throughout the entire car very clearly. It's for low end bass, not detail or clarity. You get that from the speakers/tweeters that are positioned throughout the car.

Stop by a car audio store and say you are interested and ask if he can let you sit in a car with a full system and you'll hear and see what I mean.
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