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Stealth Bulbs

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So I'm looking to complete my headlight project by replacing the #7444 amber turn signal bulbs with chrome/amber stealth bulbs. First problem is that I can't find anyone who makes #7444 bulbs. The only ones I found are #7443. These put out a little less wattage. Searching some other forums I've found that chrome bulbs are dimmer than the same amber bulb that they replace. Does anyone have experience using chrome bulbs Are they dimmer? Seems like the #7443 in addition to to being dimmer to start also will be extra dim when they are chrome coated. Any suggestion other than leave them the way they are would be appreciated.


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:thumbup 1: I ordered mine too! Looks really clean! I might have to change my LED parking lights though because they do have a slight blue to them... hmmmmm
Already did my parking lights, I ordered the 5x UV LEDs from superbright leds, they look sic
could some one show me where to buy them and how to install then and what re resister and how do i connect them.. please guys and thankyou in advance
What's all this talk about the resistors? Why would we need them for the switchback bulbs? Do they not work just as they are?
Switchbacks cause a fast blink because they are led and draw less cuurent. They work if you don't mind fast blink.
Sorry to thread jack, but Noodles, what is your sig referring to?
i got stealth bulbs from stealth auto. these are legit. i liked them so much on my mazda that i got a set for our altima. use coupon code chrome10 at the checkout and get $10 off. i almost got leds until i found these. i didnt want to mess with resistors and all that crap.

i got stealth bulbs from stealth auto. these are legit.
Chrome Bulbs, Mirror Bulbs look silver but flash amber when lit.

which model did you order and can you post a day time pick and a vid at night, thanks

hey warlord this is kind of off topic, but I just bought a 2012 3 hatchback and was looking to do some work on my headlights and I noticed in your picture that you had customized your amber corners in your headlights. Did you just take them out and paint them? its too hard for me too tell from the picture. Thanks
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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