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Stealth Bulbs

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So I'm looking to complete my headlight project by replacing the #7444 amber turn signal bulbs with chrome/amber stealth bulbs. First problem is that I can't find anyone who makes #7444 bulbs. The only ones I found are #7443. These put out a little less wattage. Searching some other forums I've found that chrome bulbs are dimmer than the same amber bulb that they replace. Does anyone have experience using chrome bulbs Are they dimmer? Seems like the #7443 in addition to to being dimmer to start also will be extra dim when they are chrome coated. Any suggestion other than leave them the way they are would be appreciated.


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Post some pics when you get them installed. :yes:
cool stuff! Pics would be great, video would be awesome!
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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