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Stealth Bulbs

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So I'm looking to complete my headlight project by replacing the #7444 amber turn signal bulbs with chrome/amber stealth bulbs. First problem is that I can't find anyone who makes #7444 bulbs. The only ones I found are #7443. These put out a little less wattage. Searching some other forums I've found that chrome bulbs are dimmer than the same amber bulb that they replace. Does anyone have experience using chrome bulbs Are they dimmer? Seems like the #7443 in addition to to being dimmer to start also will be extra dim when they are chrome coated. Any suggestion other than leave them the way they are would be appreciated.


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check these out. they are a white marker until the turn signal is started. then they flash amber. once the turn signal shuts off, they go back to white.
Those are pretty slick, but they are kind of ugly to look at in the day time! I'd be interested in someone posting a pic of these lights on a car especially with a crystal clear lens like we have on the 3!

Edit: I just checked some of my pics and noticed the 3i looks like it has a piece of amber plastic over the turn signal! I would think this would need to be removed and have a clear lens added in order to get rid of the amber look completely. I think 3s models or may just the GT already has this amber plastic missing. Could be common knowledge, but just thought I would add it anyway!
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WOW. Those are freekin cool! Guess I'd need to buy the resistor also. Almost $50 for bulbs. Ugh!!
I know that someone posted a link about these types of bulbs before from a different sight they might be less expensive! I can repost the link from my home PC since I've book marked it, but it won't be for another hour or maybe longer!
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So I got my switchbacks yesterday and plugged them in last night. I have to say they do look a little goofy up close because you can see the LEDs on the bulb both day and night. But from 10 feet they are awesome and who looks inside a headlight housing anyhow. They work just as advertised. Bright white (really close match to my HIDs) when the parking lights are on but change to amber when the turn signal or hazards are flashing, then right back to bright white. There is plenty of clearance in the housing too. The bulbs are maybe 1/4 inch taller than the stock bulb.
Can we get some pics?!?!?!?!

I'd love to see them up close, day and night pics with both the white and yellow color to see if people would be interested in this mod for their own 3!

Thanks in advance!
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