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There are a ton of threads in this forum of folks taking pics of their HID's, Fogs, 35W/55W, leds, brake lights tails and on and on. And usually they end up as comparison shots, and some people spend $$ on what they see.
A suggestion; Come up with a standard camera setting to at least make the only variable being Camera brand, monitor settings etc...some have taken shots of how well their new lights light up the road...but take that same pic, and double the aperture and it would appear almost twice as bright. Camera's with different diameter lenses will also produce different results.

A standard could be
ISO 200
Shutter 1/30
Aperture 2.8

Or, and probably easier, when you post a pic state what ISO, shutter, and aperture setting you used to take the pic.
Some camera's have this in the pics metafile data.

Just food for thought!
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