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Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

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Hey guys, did some searching on here but wasn't able to find what I needed.
Looking for stainless steel lines for a 3rd gen. I know Corksport includes a set with the crazy BBK but I'm looking for an a la carte option for use with my mostly stock brakes.
My reasoning is simply to improve brake feel as the stock brakes even at their peak have always felt a little spongy in the pedal.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Raising this old thread again. At 42K, my 2018 GT would benefit from a modest brake upgrade, so I just ordered the recently-announced CorkSport Stainless Steel Brake Lines and a set of EBC standard rotors and GreenStuff pads (for my Mexican-built machine, kits S11KF1715 and S11KR1438). I'll be doing that fun in a couple of weeks.
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