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Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

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Hey guys, did some searching on here but wasn't able to find what I needed.
Looking for stainless steel lines for a 3rd gen. I know Corksport includes a set with the crazy BBK but I'm looking for an a la carte option for use with my mostly stock brakes.
My reasoning is simply to improve brake feel as the stock brakes even at their peak have always felt a little spongy in the pedal.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Currently on PowerStop pads with stock rotors, just ordered centric StopTech front rotors and replacement pads. Any suggestion on brake fluid that will improve brake feel? Car is DD'd with some spirited but non-track driving.

Just as clarification, I gather there aren't many, if any, places to get off-the-shelf steel lines? I know due to the placement of the master cylinder a brace is out of the question in aiding feel.
Thanks Chutoyy!
How is the brake feel with the upgraded lines?
Thanks again, I'll add these to the list!
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