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Squeaking after camber arm install

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Wassup guys, so yesterday I installed some Megan Racing Camber arms on my 2007 mazda 3 sedan & the process was brutal (for the passenger rear at least lmao.) After I finished I took it for a spin and everything seemed good until later that night. Cruising speeds, the car sounds fine but when going slower on bumpy roads or up onto my driveway it sounds bad. Today I loosened the bolts and then retighten then completely by hand and it seems like it help a little bit but it still squeaks. Anyone have a similar issues or have any suggestions on what I can try? Thanks guys
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All of the suspension arm bolts should only be tightened once the car is setting on the ground (or at least at normal ride height). If you tightened them when the car was up on jackstands, the suspension was fully extended. Once the car is lowered, the movement of the suspension will put some twist on the rubber bushings. That might be the source of your squeaking.

The camber arm bolts are about impossible to reach while the car is on the ground. So you need to get the suspension flexed to normal ride height while the car is up on jackstands. What I do is to put a jack under the suspension and lift up the suspension until the car just comes off the jackstand on that corner. Then tighten the bolts.

Another thing I always do is put anti-seize on the smooth area of the bolt and a bit of blue thread locker on the threads. I've had to cut too many bolts rusted into the bushing sleeve (frankly 1 is too many).
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