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I searched everywhere and found the same generic response to this problem, but nothing too specific- so I apologize in advance if I missed a search result.

I recently got Eibach 15mm spacers, and stock studs hit the back of the wheel (Gen2 Mazdaspeed Split-Spoke) and dont allow it to sit flush with the spacer. In come the search results, "cut the studs 6 or 7 threads". Ok. My question to any of you who have done this: do you have any problems with wheel fitment sans spacer? As in, do the trimmed studs allow for the 7+ turns of the lugnuts when the wheel is fitting again without the spacer? I'm down to do some finessing to get this damn thing to work, but I don't want to make these spacers a permanent mod/have to change studs to get back to stock/change wheels.
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