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Hi all, here in Aus we have a few different Mazda 3's and I've got a 2008 Sp23 and want a bit more out of it. We also have the Mps which sells for over double what a Sp23 costs. Only real difference is the MPS is the 2.3L turbo like the mazdaspeed3 in the US.

I've got parts to do the oil filter conversion to the spin on filter but I want to do the MPS turbo conversion as well. I can get the MPS exhaust manifold for real cheap and the K04 for pretty cheap as well, front mount intercooler kits are all over the place for the mps and speed 3. The only thing I'm worried about is the Ecu, I can get the MPS ECU for cheap but I don't know how comparable it is or how easy it will be to get running.

I know I can reflash it with a Cobb access port and even get a custom tune from Cobb as well. Has any one put a MPS/Speed3 ecu and have it run on the 2.3L NA MZR engine?

The engines are the same except for the compression ratio being 10:1 in the NA and 9.7:1 in the MPS, and the few bungs tapped for oil feeds for the turbo. I'm sure there might be a few more sensors that could be in the engine harness which is why I'm reaching out before I go and buy one incase it's not going to work at all.
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