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Ok - For a 2012 Mazda 3 i Touring 2.0L has anybody used Dynotronics with a Before/After dyno run? Or had a successful remapping that improved the feel of the car?

Looking at this $259 retune MazdaEdit - Normal Atmospheric
Have you searched Dynotronics skyactiv tunes on this forum at all? If you had, you would see that they have not once published a dyno graph of results for tuning a Mazda 3 skyactiv. Instead, complaints of people having their engines damaged, and experiencing big engine knock.

For around the same price, you can have a bench flash with proven results from a tuner that will not blow up your engine:


Their full custom tune is here:


Information on how it works:


Join the Mazda 3 Tuning group on Facebook if you have any questions that the website cannot answer. These threads are no longer active.
301 - 301 of 301 Posts