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Took my family in my 6MT skyactiv hatch from San Diego to Sedona/flagstaff.

Couple of notes.

1. Cruise control turns off when you drop 10 mph, 75 mph->65 in 6th. Thought it was a bit odd, guess it sort of gave up going up a grade.

2. Hatchback does not like wind, moves all around on the highway. Noticed it last year driving to Zion.

3. Cruise control on the freeway set at 72mph in 65 zone, 75 to77 in 75 zones. A/C on a lot of it with 2 adults and 2 kids plus luggage. Gas mileage calculated the old fashion way, average 37.8 going out, 33.1 driving around sedona/flagstaff and 36.6 mpg going back.



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