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Silver with black roof

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I've only seen a white M3 with the roof wrapped black, but not silver. Anyone else out there with a silver car but black roof? Looked really clean on the white one, almost like a tesla panoramic roof.
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I've been wanting to wrap my roof black too. As well as the chrome v in the front.

Do you guys think it would look good if I left the antenna silver, or would that look too weird? Any opinions are appreciated.

Personally, I think it’s better if it’s black. You can buy aftermarket ones (like what I did).

the DRL around the fog? since when you have it? how has it been hooked?? it lights up when you start your car?? I also have one but a bit afraid to get it installed as its known that aftermarket leds tends to burn frequently

Been using it for 2 years now. Yup, it automatically lights up when I start the car. They tapped it to fuse if I remember correctly.

Holy moly can’t wait to get my roof wrapped just like this!!! Thanks for the confirmation of how bad ass our silver looks coupled with gloss black! Sweet car btw.

Thanks! Go for it!

Nice, where'd you have it wrapped? I can tell we're from the same place judging by your conduction sticker :tongue:

Thabks! You from Manila too? It was just done in our house.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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