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2012 Mazda3 Skyactiv
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Hey Everyone!

I recently installed some Siberian Bushings and wanted to share my experience with them!

So my front ball joints recently went, and while getting those checked out, I was recommended to change my control arm bushings at the same time. So I decided to upgrade to polyurethane while I was at it.

After doing some research, I quickly realized there weren't too many options out there. Having positive prior experience with PowerFlex bushings, I was leaning towards them when I found Siberian Bushings.

So a bit of background on them, they're a Russian company that started building bushings in 2000. They offer 3 year warranty, and have an OEM style bushing but with polyurethane instead of rubber. And there product is half if not ⅓ of the price of PowerFlex.

Keeping that in mind it made me a bit on the fence, wondering how they'd hold up long-term or if the quality would be any good, especially since I was having a hard time finding reviews of them, though the ones I did find seemed positive. But finally what made me go with them was the cost and few positive reviews. Since Siberian Bushings has a branch in Canada, I wouldn't have to worry about the US to CAD exchange rate, the duty, and I was able to get free shipping.

Shipping was pretty good, took a little over a week, considering the free shipping and that they're based in BC and I'm in Ontario. Upon receiving the box, the packaging was okay, nothing special, and the actual bushings were in plastic advertised bags.

Unwrapping the bushings, the quality seemed very good, exactly as advertised, the LCA bushing bracket seemed made out of galvanized steel. They looked very similar to the OEM bushings just made out of yellow polyurethane. There's also grease included with every bushing. At this point I was pretty excited to get them installed on the car and see what kind of results I would get.

Like I mentioned above I didn't do the installation, but still wanted to touch on the topic as I asked my mechanic a bunch of questions on the install. So from what he told me, the smaller bushing was pretty straight forward, but since it was stiffer then the OEM, it was a bit tougher to press in the control arm. For the larger bushing with the bracket, supposedly that one was a real pain, to remove the bushing they had to cut it open, and the OEM bushing is filled with fluid I was told, (like our engine mounts if I'm not mistaken). Anyways with all that, they were finally installed on the car, and got the car aligned.



Finally, driving impressions! So right away steering out of my parking spot I could feel more weight to the steering wheel. Going over small bumps and road imperfections I could definitely feel more through the steering wheel, which is what I was looking for. I felt more of a difference at lower speed, but when you get up to speed I find you do lose some of the weight. Which brings me to my past experience with PowerFlex bushings, now it was a different car, an BMW E46, and maybe the bushings might have been more worn out too prior to replacing them, but from what I remember the feedback was accentuated way more, even at higher speeds.

Now I'm not saying the Siberian Bushings are bad, on the contrary I've been driving on them for a few weeks now and I think they're great! I think if I compare them to stock they're stiffer and improve steering feel while retaining ride quality. But compared to PowerFlex they might be softer. Unfortunately and can't compare from the same car or chassis, but that's my opinion, so in the end it comes down to what you're looking for and budget.

I'd like to mention too that I saw an increase in steering feedback when I installed my 18inch summer tires (225/40R18) prior to the control arms.

Final thoughts, in the end I'm really happy with the bushing, so far the quality seemed great (short term), even though personally I would have loved a little stiffer bushing and more feedback. I think they're a great OEM + type of upgrade, especially for the price! I think it's a great supporting mod, as I've just installed Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs too, all that coupled with a Mazdaspeed3 rear Sway Bar, the car handles amazingly!

Here's a link to my video review of the Siberian Bushings, where I also go over the Eibach Springs. Let me know if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer!

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