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I wrecked my beauty, scratched her along a pillar in the garage :(

Now I'm wondering if it's cheaper to repaint the rear bumper (remove, sand, paint, wax, attach) or just replace it.

Anyone know if I can still buy a replacement 2012 Mazda3 (Gray) rear bumper shell from the manufacturer...?

Or, does anyone know how much it might cost to repaint a rear bumper? I'm in Surrey/Vancouver area.

I'm paying cash out of pocket, not sure what to do. Thoughts? Thanks

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You say you wrecked it, but then talk about repainting. I am confused.

If scratched, then even with a little filler, it will be far cheaper to do that and then to paint it.

If crashed, and/or with its inner impact resistive liner also damaged, then get a new part of two. (Before embarking on this option, suggest you find out for sure if the new bumper is going to come in either primer or not painted at all, also considering that potential cost.)

If your bumper cover is damaged, you mind wish to explore what we used to call a "junkyard" (now an automotive recycling facility LOL). Many of the larger ones are cross linked by computer with other yards, and you might luck out and find one in your color too. As part of this exploration, suggest you also find out in advance whether the one(s) you find are already "pulled," on the yard's rack or whether you need to remove it from the car. Typical junkyard parts are priced 50% of a new part, but if it is excellent, in painted in your color, already pulled, that's a plus. PLease learn from one of my mistakes long time ago, and do not buy/commit to buy a junkyard part sight-unseen.

Best of luck getting it fixed so you will again be a happy camper.
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