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Porpoise Grey 2012 Hatch w/2.5L

My plan thus far is to get an axleback exhaust (stock is TOO quiet while revving), wheels, tint, a mild lowering (~1.25" or so), and maaaaybe look at bolt-ons after all that.


Hyper silver Motegi MR131's. 18x8, +45mm. ADHD Silver or whatever they call it. I'd link but I'm apparently not allowed yet.

+45mm offset on 18x8s going to cause any problems with a drop? I know it should be fine for stock but not sure if there

Lowering springs:

The ~1.2" drop Eibach Pro Kit.

Option #2 for springs would be the Racing Beat set. But I really want to minimize the damn gap, too much time spent with Hondas I guess.

For exhaust, after listening to all of the options and reading around I really like the Racing Beat axleback. I don't know a lot about the Mazda aftermarket but they seem to be quality and reputable. Option #2 would be a MS3 exhaust but I haven't had luck finding one of those for a reasonable price so far (only thing I've seen so far was $300 for one where it looked like the chrome tips had violently attacked each other.. no thanks).

FH3 happens to have Traklites in it, so I was able to set up a little visual demo with sport suspension, etc. Ignore the MS3 grill... I wish. :)

Any thoughts so far?

What about bolt-ons? Intake, headers, maybe a tunable ECU? I'm not expecting much in the way of gains, 10-15 hp. Being realistic, is there anything particularly cost effective to do here or am I looking at ~$1k/10hp?
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