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Shifter on my 2009 I just bought had its leather all worn out. I looked for aftermarket shifters, but they all were not my type/style or cheap looking or expensive. The factory one (which is what I wanted) was like $160+shipping. I don't get why so pricey - there is not much to the part.

Decided to give reupholstery a try. To prove the concept, I used an old leather glove. The leather was a little thicker than original and more suedey but I figured I can redo it with leather I liked later.

Anway, watched a few youtube videos to learn some leather work basics, and after about 2h of work, I have done it. Let it sit overnight to dry and results the next morning were quite decent. Now that I know how to do it, I can probably do it in less time. So 1-2h labor + old glove > $160.

I got used to the new leather and it has worn in a bit over the past week so no longer looks so rough (new) so will be keeping it as-is....

Enjoy.... Well, I take it back. I guess you can't enjoy the pics. Site won't let me upload any. Get error of: Max allowed is 0Kb
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