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Hi all, new to the forum!!

From what I can tell, the sound is coming from the left side.

I just had it in the shop for inspection, new breaks and rotors. My mechanic could not hear this sound.

Backstory: About a week ago, before the sound started I tried to recharge the a/c and put in refrigerant. The gauge on the can wasn't moving so I stopped with the refrigerant and assumed it was the air compressor. It was still blowing hot air. The next day the a/c was blowing cold for about an hour, then turned warm. My mechanic said if the refrigerant had sealant in it (which it did) he couldn't help as it would ruin his equipment. My dad said I shouldn't have put the refrigerant in without draining the existing freon. Did I just make a $500+ mistake?

Thanks for any input!
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