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seat lumbar support suggestions

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One thing negative about our seats is imo a lack of lumbar support (lower back). I don't like being slouched. I been searching for lumbar pillows for our bucket seat. Anyone have one that works well and fits the seat well and also stays in place. Whatever the case, any suggestions. Thanks
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That's one of the few complaints I have about mine. I do a lot of 10+ hour journeys, and my previous HHR's base model seats weren't at all good, so I bought some power seats out of a higher model, but even with the lumbar adjust at minimum, they were a lot more supportive. After 3 of these 1200 mile round trips in the 3, I'm thinking I need to add some support, it hasn't been terrible, I've found a reasonably comfortable position, though it's far more reclined than the optimum position I was used to in the much taller HHR.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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