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SCBS/LDWS Unavailable Error Messages

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Hi guys,

When I got into Applications/Warning Messages I get random messages popping up, its either for SCBS or LDWS system - however these features still work. I've attached a picture. It's saying it's been disabled due to excessive heat in the passenger compartment - but I think its talking about excessive heat near the control module on the windshield .... as my car temp is not hot - unless its me that's hot....LOL.

I suspect its V59 NA as this started to happen only after I updated it. Now, even though the warning message appears on the infotainment screen, it doesn't trigger any Dash Cluster warning lights.


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Where are you guys from that are getting this warning message? I'm in Canada (North America) and running on Version 55.00.753 NA N. I was just setting up all the files ready to upgrade the FW, then I came across this. Should I be concerned?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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