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Good Morning,

I have a 2015 Mazda 3 and my wife has a 2014 CX5. I recently bought my wife a Samsung S8+ to replace her Nokia 1520 Windows Phone I still have my 1520. With the 1520 you pair with the cars bluetooth and everything just works, you receive a text and it tells you "Incoming text from xxxxxxx do you want to read it or ignore" after reading it you can hang up or reply, all hands free.

I paired her S8+ to her CX5 and one day driving it popped up on her screen saying there was an incoming message, download now or later. Nothing was read aloud, you had to hit download now, then in messages hit the speaker to read it and to reply you could only use the canned replies. This is NOT hands free and there is no audio notifications or reply offered. I tried everything after long searched online, and nothing has worked, in fact after an update on the phone it would then pair to the car and immediately go into a call displaying her phone number, this would lock up the system as well, until the bluetooth on the phone is turned off. I now have it working better so it doesn't do that as often, it still does it from time to time but messaging still isn't working the same as on the 1520 but phone calls work.

With it not working on hers I tried it in my Mazda 3 and got all the same results. Doesn't read texts without actions made and can only use canned replies. This is the only thing holding me back from getting an S8+ or a Note 8, so what I'm wondering is if anyone has a Note 8 and is using it with no issues in their Mazda 3? Does texting work the same as I describe on the Nokia 1520? Any info would help me decide.

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