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Sad day, but perhaps with a silver lining

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Sad day. Here's desperately hoping they total it. It'll be a new SGT to replace my S Touring if that happens.

BTW, air bags really stink when they deploy.


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Sorry to see this. They should total it. If those crumple zones are compromised they are insta total.
Yes, thanks. I should've said - nobody hurt. And both front doors were jammed, hard to open, so I'll take that as a sign that crumple zones did indeed crumple.

So to have the 2.5L and a manual tranny the SGT is my only option now. That's why I said SGT, by the way. And it looks like it's cheaper than my S Touring was anyway. So maybe I get money back! (which will, of course, go fully to increased insurance rates)

The other thing that will suck is having to go to the tow yard to remove my rear sway bar. The front strut tower bar is a 2 min. operation. The hood struts are a 5 min. operation. But I'll have to remove the rear coil spring to get the sway bar off. And I'll have to install it again, too, on the replacement car. It wasn't that much fun the first time.
You should not have to take if off. When they appraise the car make sure you tell them it has aftermarket parts and as long as you have receipts for them they will give you some money for them. I was not allowed to take any parts off my old tC when it was totalled so they just gave me the money to replace the parts.
SGT with a manual tranny - I'd like another Soul Red but that doesn't seem to be available. Probably going with black otherwise.
Not sure where you are located but call other dealers around your state. You would be surprised what dealers are willing to do to move a car.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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