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Sad day, but perhaps with a silver lining

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Sad day. Here's desperately hoping they total it. It'll be a new SGT to replace my S Touring if that happens.

BTW, air bags really stink when they deploy.


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Ah sucks to see, glad no one was hurt tho. Seeing this brings back those memories of my first accident, being a red car too. This was over 10 years back.

Interestingly my airbags did not deploy and I hit the steering wheel :/
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Looks burgundy in the picture, did you buy this car new or used? If used no one knows if airbags were stolen/deployed and new ones were not properly installed.
Bought the car used, it had a salvaged title on it. Back then it was my first car ever and didn't know what it meant but apparently the car was in a front end accident before too. Maybe you're right it wasn't properly installed or something :/
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