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Sad day, but perhaps with a silver lining

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Sad day. Here's desperately hoping they total it. It'll be a new SGT to replace my S Touring if that happens.

BTW, air bags really stink when they deploy.


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Very sad, good to hear no one was hurt. These SUV's impose a negative externality on other drivers that is an explanation why damage to Mz 3 more severe than it caused to SUV. A few nights back my friend parked his car overnight behind SUV next morning he discovered a huge dent on a hood. He did a little investigation and find out that SUV had a spare tire in the back and when a driver backed up instead of giving "friendly" bump, he/she left unfriendly 2 feet dent.
Ah sucks to see, glad no one was hurt tho. Seeing this brings back those memories of my first accident, being a red car too. This was over 10 years back.

Interestingly my airbags did not deploy and I hit the steering wheel :/
Looks burgundy in the picture, did you buy this car new or used? If used no one knows if airbags were stolen/deployed and new ones were not properly installed.
Bought the car used, it had a salvaged title on it. Back then it was my first car ever and didn't know what it meant but apparently the car was in a front end accident before too. Maybe you're right it wasn't properly installed or something :/
Most likely what happened, a sketchy shop installed without proper certification. The title was rebuild and bribed inspected facility just went visually over some lights on dashboard.
Had this exact same accident in 1998 or so. Turning right, right turn lane w/ yield sign. Car in front was moving so i looked left to see if anyone was coming while going maybe 10 mph or so - no one coming, great - turn head and the guy in fronts decides to stop at the yield sign (again, no cars coming). Hit the brakes and barely bumped him. But enough to have police come out, etc....

Yup it sucks man ... best of luck to you.
Some drivers treat YIELD sign as STOP sign even if there are no cars on parallel lane. The same paradox goes for turning signal at STOP sign on T one way (left or right only!) intersection about 80% drivers turn signal on, and only 30% drivers use blinker switching lanes on freeway going 50-75mph (legal speed in some instances) go figure whats in people(s) mind.
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