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S vs. i Front brakes? Stainless lines? Camber bolts?

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I am probably buying a 2015 s Touring hatch today. The 2.5 and larger front brakes sold me on it.

But I was looking at part numbers and such but I can't find specific info on the exact difference. Just from my research and looking at both cars I am thinking it is just a larger rotor and bracket to increase swept area and uses the same caliper between both cars. But I can not confirm this. Anyone know?

Also, any recommendations for stainless steel lines for this car? I didn't particularly like the braking though the car does have junk tires the dealer put on when it was traded in. So I will be replacing those as soon as I get it. Also will replace the brake fluid and brakes pads. Maybe rotors after I get the wheels off and a good look at the condition on the inside face.

Anyone make camber bolts for the mcpherson strut front? Would love to get -1 to -1.5. Could always slot the strut but prefer not to if I can avoid it. Don't want camber plates on this as it will be my daily driver.
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