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Rules question

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Sorry all, I wasn't sure where else to ask this question.... story first ....

So I bought my 2015 3 late last year and joined the forum. Learned a ton, did a couple of mods - I owned an '04 3 for 10 years before this one so long long time fan. I love this one even more, but I always planned to get a next gen mazdaspeed and doesn't look like that's happening for a long time if ever + some other life stuff I want to do with some of the $$$ of my car payment + have also always wanted an RX-8 = I'm going to sell my car. Ive loved the 3 forever and feel kind of like a traitor but there it is. I'm still going to own a Mazda. :)

I read through all the rules because I've loved being part of this community for a while and respect it and I don't want to be a jerk. But I don't have nearly the required number of posts. But also I know this is probably the best place to find someone who wants this car. So just looking for word from admins or senior members on whether it would be a big breach in etiquette to post a sale thread. I'm really fine either way.
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Maybe just post in the classified section and hope for the best. also your local craigslist will yield better results in selling the car.
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