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ROTM Thanksgiving Edition Rules and Submissions

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So it's now November and Thanksgiving is upon us. Lets try and get some Thanksgiving theme's since it's that time. You can post two pictures and no reason is needed. At least one picture is required to have some type of Thanksgiving item. If you do not follow the requirements then I will delete your post.If you posted in previous ROTM's then you must have different pictures. Since tastic won last month you are not applicable to submit.*So if you feel you have what it takes to be the ride of the month for November 2013, post up your best pictures. Submissions are open until November 23 @ midnight and voting will begin on the 24th.Good luck to all!

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Ready to Vote! ;)

I visited the main page, but my pic isn't up yet. However, the pic there is the last one from @steelrain which made my spit a little coffee on my screen LOL! I forgot how awesome that pic was. Well done, Gabriel! Probably one of my favorite pics...you did such an awesome job with the grin. PIXAR would be impressed! :clap 1:
Yea bro sorry I have to do it from my home computer I have the fb one. Once I get off work I'll take care of it.
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Dumb question...Can we photoshop thanksgiving stuff into the picture or does it have to be real props? Thought about making mine look like a turkey lmao. Sorry guys im new to this.
It has to be real props and yeah no photoshop add-ons but you can use it to improve the picture.
Dont worry, will get pics up when I get em this weekend.

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Damn, was excited to enter, but being 0 degree's celcius here, my winters are already on, and car is in winter mode. Exclusion for Canadian's who have weather and who's thanksgiving was last month? (like it's supposed to be :p)
I want to enter, but, I don't have freakin time. I'm on my 13th day in a row of work. but, I rather be working.
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Bump for some submisssions!!! I will close the thread in 3 days if not
Bumping for one last chance for anyone. This is just pathetic! Plus you guys all wanted me to get a new one going and NOTHING!!! PUUUTTT THHHEMMMM UUUPPP MMMMEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWW
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