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I just got back from my first road trip with the new car! I drove from Eastern CT up to Rochester, NY to visit with the fam. I took the scenic route through the mountains (I84/NY17/81) Turned the 1,000 Mile mark! I also reset my MPG averages before I left to see what this baby could do...

The round trip was about 720 Miles...

31.5 MPG on the way up, and 30.6 on the back down

Very satisfied with the numbers seeing that MT 3's are rated at 29 highway.

Loved the fact that I could be in the fast lane on the steep mountain inclines. I used to be the guy in the slow lane, trucking up the high grades, barely making it to the top. Now I can fly in the left lane, gawking at the 18 wheelers and inferior 4 bangers!

Other observations:

1. Holy Shit! The glove box has an entire shelf behind it! I originally thought the box was on the small side. So I was pleasantly surprised to find an entire second glove box behind it.

2. Song that best compliments the Bose "System" ; Wiz Khalifa - On My Level (off Rolling Papers) The bass levels in this song are perfect and made me feel like I was almost bumping a real sub.

Thanks, just thought I'd share my findings.
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