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Ripped back seat - advice

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We managed to put a hole through our friends brand new Mazda 3 rear leather seat when fitting a car seat.
It’s a lease car so the repair will need to be of a high standard but they are being quoted £1100+VAT+fitting from Mazda to replace the seat.
Does anyone have any advice for how to get this repaired for less or know how the lease company is likely to treat this when the car is returned in 3 years?
Is there any course of action we can follow with Mazda to question the quality of the leather as it really shouldn’t have just ripped so easily, there were no sharp points or excessive force.
The hole is right in the middle of the leather seat pad.

Really appreciate any advice as I’m absolutely gutted at the potential bill!
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I'd probably look for a wrecker, and get a replacement seat from there. Rear seats don't have anything special about them (no integrated airbags, heaters, etc). It should be a simple, straight-forward replacement.
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