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There has a been a deep dent in the rear passenger's side door of my MS3 for about a year and it makes me sad every time I see it. It's in the crease so I just assumed that it'd be near impossible to bring back to the proper shape without having to take it to a body shop. Then I saw the work that Chuck of Paintless Dent Professionals was able to do on @razerer's dent that was in a similar place. He is mobile and comes to you. His service area includes Gardena, Irvine, Torrance, etc. However, I live in LA so I made the drive all the way to him to see what he could do for my car. Well, Chuck worked some magic and was able to completely repair my dent. The entire job took less than 30 minutes and run me $75. Money well spent. It's like he turned back the clock on my car and made the door look new again. There is slight marring of the paint at the site of the dent, but it's under the clear coat. Chuck likened it to how black plastic turns white when you bent it. I am super happy with the results and will be bringing any cars I have to him for repairs in future.

Contact info:
Paintless Dent Professionals | 20+ Years of Experience
Mobile: (310) 990-8812
You text him a picture of your dents and he gives you a quote.

Pictures really tell the story:

my car:

@razerer's car:

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