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I have a separate line of postings with the same title. I tried to reply, but I cannot. The error message says I have 'links', and that I must remove them. I do not know what or where they are, so I try to respond with this new message.

Here are the words I tried to use for my reply to my original question:

Thanks! '3withthreepedals' has my answer in post #4 . I don't know if I had the head lights turned on, but evidence shows that I did not. I tried just now with the head lights turned on, and the knob works. Turning the knob to the right until it beeps turns the auto dim off, as is shown in the manual. Turning the knob to the left until it beeps resets the auto dim. I did not see this note in the manual, but this is what I wanted to do, so it is fixed now.

This is good to know for when I want to dim or brighten the lights when I have the head lights turned on in daylight for the rain.

Thanks for you help.
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