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I just completed my second successful Mazda3 retrofit for Carplay/AA, but unfortunately cracked the glossy black gear shifter when I pulled it off of the middle console. Upon further inspection, it turns out my own Mazda3 also has a crack, in the same place (thought it was a scratch, not as bad as the second one). I did this twice! Everything else went off a hitch, and I was careful not to damage *anything*, so I'm very sad to find I did this to not one but two pieces.

Surely this is somewhat common? Don't tell me I'm the only one who's done this!

Looking at parts sites, it looks like I want BBNL-64-340C... or rather, the one trim piece from that assembly. It's frustrating to know that the Mexico plant is cranking these things out for pennies and I can't seem to get one for less than $120. Does anyone know where I might get this piece by itself? Maybe a source in Mexico?

I am aware that I can cover it with a carbon fiber wrap or the like ($15 or so), and I can keep an eye on local salvage yards (but those would be very much scratched and cost ???? amount). Since I'm 2 for 2 for breaking these when I pry them off a car, I'd rather not go the salvage route anyway as I'm not sure I could pull it off without cracking it.


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