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Hi All

I'm about to do the USB/Aux Hub retrofit for Android Auto / Car Play in my 2014 Mazda 3. My USB Module currently sits in the center console armrest, because I have a CD Player in the dash. However when I'm going to be having to connect my phone for AA/CP I want to avoid having a cable through the center past the shift knob to my phone holder.

I see that models without the CD Player have the USB module sitting in its place instead. Since I'm going to be ripping apart the console anyways when doing the retrofit, I wanted to remove the CD Player in the same step. When comparing the dash side by side, I believe that the trim/cradle of the CD player has the same size as the USB one.

CD Player: Land vehicle Vehicle Car Center console Mid-size car

USB module: Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mazda Center console

So the question is, does anyone have the part number or a link to the USB module trim piece?

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