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Replace Tire?

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Hi Guys,

Got a puncture pretty much on the sidewall, very close to the "crown" area... The tire guy told me it was very well recommended to switch the tire despite that it was possible to repair it but taking into consideration it might not work 100% because of the puncture's location, only time will tell...

So what do you guys think? Should a buy a brand new tire or just continue using the repaired one?

Thanks for your input as always!


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Ditto what @Gerry B said. Would do so as soon as you could get a replacement tire. Your life and your family/friends' is worth it.
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Yes to balancing, preferably road force balancing. Unless you experienced any issues with your tires before you got your flat, and/or noticed that any of your four tires had uneven wearing -- specifically the inner tire band or the outer one showing more wear than the opposite side one, I would use the "ole run your hand over your tire" method, both side to side, and also front to rear (on both the inner tire tread and the outer one), to see if you feel any uneven wearing. Our hands are so much more sensitive than what we can visually see. If you feel any uneven wear with your hand, I would get your car four wheel aligned. (And a good alignment specialist can also at that time easily diagnose any potential other wear issues.)
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Excellent news! Glad it worked just as you planned/wished.
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